The Latest Manufacturing Techniques
MAXAM all-steel radial tires are produced at the company's state-of-the-art radial tire manufacturing facilities, utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques and production equipment. This technical excellence is complemented by the use of top quality materials and the dedication of a highly skilled management team and workforce. Together, these factors ensure the production of radial tires capable of performing well in even the toughest applications.

"Quality drives productivity" is a fundamental belief at MAXAM TIRE and this applies not only at the manufacturing level, where the latest, stringent quality control systems are employed throughout the manufacturing process, but also in logistics, administration, planning and distribution. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to MAXAM and it is this that drives the company, from product design through to after-sales service.

MAXAM tires are manufactured to International Standard ISO 9001 and designed to the same exacting standards - the tires meet all commonly accepted international standards, in particular those laid down by ETRTO (the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization).

The proof of a tire is in its performance and here MAXAM has a proud pedigree, with its tires performing around the world in some of the most demanding applications and conditions in the mining and construction industries. The tires provide great performance day in, day out, leading to improved profitability for customers. MAXAM OTR tires are used on a variety of surface mining equipment, such as rigid and articulated dump trucks, scrapers, loaders and many other types of underground mining equipment.
Top Level Products and Processes
The aim of MAXAM TIRE INTERNATIONAL LTD is to secure and maintain a prestigious position for itself in the OTR and Specialty tire sector. This can only be achieved and held by working to the highest possible standards of quality and safety across all aspects of business, from product design through to the finished product and after-sales customer care.

The Group's Quality Policy expresses MAXAM's total commitment to customer satisfaction and the ongoing improvement of its products and services. This is achieved by offering a safe, high quality, reliable product, backed up by comprehensive pre- and after-sales technical, commercial and logistical support capable of anticipating and meeting the customer's every need.

MAXAM has created a system and a philosophy that aims for zero defects in every area of the Group's operations. This goal can only be achieved if each and every employee feels personally involved in and responsible for the satisfaction of customers - both internal and external - and in constantly striving to improve every process of the business.
Strong Technical Knowledge and Constant Innovation
The strength of MAXAM lies in its team of talented and dedicated personnel.

Our engineers are continually developing new processes and product as well as creating and managing new systems. Our European engineers work together as a team for the benefit of customers and lead all engineering and manufacturing-related operations.

Particular attention is given to:

• Product design and development
• Every aspect of product performance in order to meet safety, reliability, environmental, cost, operational and maintenance objectives.
• Management of the engineering and manufacturing process in order to meet the highest standards of quality.
Maximum Safety and Reliability as a Standard
Thoroughly testing a tire before its launch is one of the most important steps in creating a high quality, reliable product.

MAXAM firmly believes that testing is not a process that should be rushed; it is essential to make sure that its products meet the customers' objectives and needs, while at the same time, the product needs to be ready in time to ensure a competitive edge.

The Group has invested heavily in its own testing equipment and laboratories and has developed dedicated procedures to ensure that the testing process is as efficient, accurate, reliable and fast as possible.
R & D
Innovation is the Key to Success
MAXAM believes that seeking out innovative solutions for new products and technologies is what makes a business successful.

Our RandD department continuously works to create new products and develop new technologies to improve existing ones. 
The use of computers has revolutionised the design process for tires, with engineers able to accurately predict performance characteristics before the tire physically exists.

As mining and construction machinery continues to evolve - faster speeds, greater payloads etc - so too must the tyres. 
The pace of change is ever-increasing and this presents a formidable challenge to the tire manufacturer - a challenge that MAXAM's designers are always willing to accept and to overcome.